STF is an association of unions for managers in Iceland

STF negotiates on behalf of all STF members, through the association.

The office is at Hlíðasmári 8 in Kópavogur. Opening hours are 8:00 – 16:00 Mondays – Thursdays and 8:00 – 15:00 on Fridays.

On weekdays our phones are open 9:00 – 15:00. The office provides information for its members regarding their rights, contracts and health fund.

You apply for membership at by clicking the button below or contact STF office tel. 553 5040.

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Did you know?

STF Sickness Fund

The STF Sickness Fund is among the strongest in Iceland. Employed member who gets injured in an accident or is diagnosed with serious illness is entitled to sickness per diem (80% of wages ) up to 9 months.

Managers Schools

The STF Managers School is ideal for managers or those who want to become managers in their companies. The Managers School is a cooperative between STF and SA (Association of Business). The school provides a good oportunity to become a better employee and manager. The teachers are all specialists in their fields of expertise.

Holiday Homes

The network of supervisors unions owns over 26 holiday houses all over Iceland.

STF Services

STF staff and employees are at your service and try to help you with your requests. STF office is in Hlíðasmári 8 Kópavogur. STF also has reprisentatives in all quarters of Iceland. We do our best to help memebers with their questions and requests. We also help with employment contracts and issues regarding work rights.

Health Grants

Our members are applicable for various grants for health related issues. We reimburse part of the cost for medical message, chiropractor and physiotherapy. You can also get reimbursement in case you need glasses, or optical surgery. Also if you need a hearing aid. Reimbursement also applies to regular medical check-ups and Cancer searches.

Childbirth Grant

Active STF members get a childbirth grant when they become parents. It also applies to primary adoption and permanent foster care parents.

Education Grants

STF provides grants for courses. According to contracts, trade-educat- ed supervisors and other specialised supervisors and other supervisors have the chance to maintain their education and specialisation. The Union emphasises education in management and is in association

Happy Members

Most important is what our members feel. In recent polls and researches we have done our members give us a very high ranking. Member satisfaction is our top priority and it is nice to see our members are happy with the service we provide. We get a very good ranking in all fields. Thank you for choosing STF Association. We will strive to continue to do our best on your behalf in the future.

Health Benefits

We stand by you in times of need


STF members can have up to 35 appointments for physiotherapy reimbursed over a 12 month period. Matching payments from the Social Insurance Administration (Icelandic Health Insurance).

Therapeutic Massage and Chiropractor

STF members have the right to attend a certified Therapeutic Massage and Chiropractor sessions under the same conditions as Physiotherapy.


Active STF members have the right to attend rehabilitation acknowledged by Icelandic Health Insurance in Iceland every 12 month period. Retired STF members have the same right every second year.

Preventative Examination

STF members are entitled to partial reimbursement of screening/examination costs at the Icelandic Cancer Institute, The Icelandic Heart Association (IHA) and at similar institutions. The fund also pays for general health checks every fourth year.

Optical and Hearing Devices

STF members can apply for eyeglasses / contact lenses / hearing aids or eye surgery over the course of four years.

Psychological Counselling

Members can apply for a grant for psychological counselling or social workers counselling.

Childbirth Grant

Active STF members are entitled to a childbirth grant when they become parents. This also applies to primary adoption and permanent foster care parents.

Fertility Treatment and Adoption

Active members can apply for grant for fertility treatment and child adoption.

Death Benefits

Spouses and children under the age of 18 are entitled to benefits for a deceased STF member.

Apartment during Illness

Members can apply for an apartment in Lautasmári 5 in Kópavogur in case of illness, for themselves, their spouse or children under the age
of 18 in STF member’s care.

Travel Fund

Members are entitled to a payment for travel expenses due to illness.

Medical Fund

Working members of STF are entitled to a daily allowance if they are not able to work due to illness or injury.

Spouce or Children Medical

Active members of STF are entitled to a grant if spouse or children under the age of 18 years old in members care fall victim to illness.


I am a member of STF because it is trustworthy and offers good range of services like sickness found, holiday homes and more.